Hello my name is Mikael and i live with my wife in Sweden. Here is a short information in English about me and my art. I have always been creative ever since I was a kid. In my twenties I was involved in music played in a band with som friends. Then I got hit by illness and life changes quit dramatically. It was a 15 years ongoing disatser. As the storm settled I was nearly deaf and loaded with a bunch of other after marks. I had to make a restart with both life and creativity. Music was no longer an option as I could not hear. I made it threw deaf school and learn some signe language. When I could use a signe language translator I took a course in ceramic. I had the best teacher you could have, she would let me experiment so that i could find my own way. I never hade a male classmate during my 4 years of ceramic training but it did not bother me. In 2008 I hade the first exhibition. After that it has been a few exhibitions every year.

Here a little help to navigate this pages. The ”Atelje” section contains a gallery of some of my art. Its been separated in 3 areas. ”Skulpturer” / Sculptures, ”Bilar” Cars and ”Verkstad” workshop. ”Utställningar” means exhibitions and here are information posted about ongoing and coming exhibitions. The cars section also has a ”shop” where visitors can see examples of the cars that I make and how they can turn out if treated with oxide or painted. The cars can be shipped would wide but the sculptures are usually to fragile too be shipped with post. The cars are in scale 1/18 with means that they are 220-250 mm tall. They can be custom made. In Sweden I have a few resellers that sells my cars. If you would like to by a car you could just
contact me. I would love to do som export. I would even like to have resellers in other countries.

I hope you find some ting that you like and thank you for visiting my pages.